Events Marketing

o Organizing events for public and private sector foundations.
o Planning events
o Attracting appropriate sponsors for events.
o Promoting events
o Managing sponsors’ affairs
o Publishing news of events through media coverage
o Preparation of event grounds
o PR & Media
o Photographic and video media documentation
o Media follow-up
o Event management
o Organizing conferences and seminars
o Organizing press conferences
o Organizing exhibitions
o Organizing training programs
o Organizing advertising and media campaigns.

Media coverage

Fully aware of the vital role of public relations in strengthening the activities of public and private sector foundations, agencies and corporations, the company offers an integrated package of PR-related services—including:
– Public Campaigns.
– Planning public relations campaigns.
– Envisioning inclusive frameworks for the conduction of PR campaigns.
– Raising the necessary resources for the conduction of PR campaigns.
– Promoting PR campaigns via press releases and reports published in various media outlets.
– Following-up on PR campaigns and verifying their effectiveness.
– Documenting PR campaigns and assisting competent beneficiaries in preserving their content.

Means for Achievement for Journalistic Publishing Program

Firstly–Press News: The source of such news will be the competent department at the establishment and pertinent journalistic information will be gathered by Spotlight prior to its preparation and molding into journalistic content, and is ultimately endorsed by the competent department for future publishing.
Such news includes:
1- Promoting awareness with respect to the services presented by the establishment.
2- News relevant to the establishment’s activities and social and economic engagements.
3- Accomplishments achieved.
4- News of the establishment’s participation in public occasions.
5- News playing into promoting awareness vis-à-vis the establishment.

Media Strategy:

The media strategy in the area of journalistic publishing generally aims to draw attention to the services presented by the establishment to society and to corporations benefiting from its services; via the local, regional and international press and by amplifying its weight in the local market—alongside a number of other countries—particularly in designated target regions inside and outside the UAE.
1- Promoting the establishment and propelling it to occupy its rightful position.
2- Sketching and underlining a potent mental image for the establishment’s persona.
3- Increasing the clientele base.
4- Promoting the establishment and its various services.
5- Highlighting the establishment’s supremacy compared to its counterparts due to its distinguished service provision.
6- Strengthening the establishment’s relations with present customers.
7- Highlighting the most prominent advantages offered by Spotlight.
8- Achieving constant presence in the press.

Press Conferences

The press conferences’ program is the cornerstone in our endeavor to bringing the media spotlight to economic and service activities, and to forging solid relations with various media outlets. The program enables us to showcase all activities falling under the umbrella of the establishment, which we draw upon in serving our clientele.

Conferences, Seminars & Public Occasions

Holding conferences, symposiums and participation in public occasions help cement an exceptional relationship between the establishment and potential clientele, in addition to creating an aura of intimacy and bonding between both sides.

Photographic & Video Documentation

Documentation of key events witnessed by the establishment is one of the prime instruments used in documenting its procession and turning points, in order to preserve a historical legacy.

Journalistic Publishing Program

The program aims to secure the largest magnitude of effective media presence for the establishment in various newspapers and magazines, via addressing distinct and tailored messages to the target public. The program encompasses interviews, articles, and publishing news in a documented fashion supported by photographs of your establishment and staff—and is usually published concurrently in widely-circulated local and regional newspapers.

Secondly–Press Interviews

Press interviews are conducted with executives and officials at the establishment to discuss latest developments of relevance, in addition to its main plans and strategies, and then the competent department stamps the interview with its approval thereby giving Spotlight the go-ahead for publishing.


Spotlight issues a quarterly report on company-related news and interviews published in the press.


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